Full Spectrum 600w LED Grow Light For Cannabis  - $829.00 CAD Listing ID: 122451

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Product Discription
Include spectrum: Red: 660nm + 630nm, Blue: 475nm + 430nm, Orange: 615nm, White:4500K, IR, UV

Advanced Led Grow Light:
1) Selecting proper wavelength for plant photosynthesis and emit effective light spectrum
2) Advanced isolated power driver,UL standard output voltage
3) Built-in high efficient transformer --PF value over 97% efficiency
4) Ideal for all phrases of plant growing in indoor rooms
5) Conveniently cross-connection with daisy-chain power cord design
6) Use high quality 3W LED trips as light resource
7) Full spectrum led grow light distribute most nutrient lights from vegetative growth, flowering and fruit-bearing.

LED grow light is the newest trend for indoor growers. Advanced LED grow lights use less energy, and create less heat, not only provides intense, effective lighting for indoor gardening but also make the garden cool. Hydroponics, which is a method in high-tech horticulture where plants grow in soil-free nutrient baths, led hydroponic lamp is a perfect example of how science and technology can work together to develop solutions to human problems.

Application Fields
Floriculture (Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials)
Propagation (Tissue culture and seedlings, cuttings & young plants)
City Farming (Leafy vegetables & soft fruits)
Vegetables & Fruit (high wire vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs & soft fruits)

Toronto Ontario Canada