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Many Canadian seniors, snowbirds and travellers spend each year outside of their country. They purchase travel insurance to ensure they are sufficiently covered particularly if they have pre-existing medical conditions or are worried about any undiagnosed health concern.

Is your travel health provider unable to address your specific travel requirements? Trust Medipac Travel Insurance - the only provider recommended by the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) and the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA), Medipac offers a variety of travel insurance packages that can be tailored to address different travel needs.

Medipac's three major travel insurance packages include the following:

1. Annual Travel Insurance - This plan is recommended for frequent travellers with multiple local or overseas trips in a 12-month period. Cost-efficient and convenient, there is no limit to the number of trips covered, provided each trip is between 23 and 33 days.

2. Travel Medical Insurance - The only medical health insurance that covers most controlled and stable pre-existing conditions, regardless of age. Travellers may receive up to $2 million emergent benefits inclusive of hospital care, ambulance transport and more.

3. Trip Cancellation - This supplementary insurance feature may be added to any existing trip plan (includes coverage for baggage loss or delay, flight cancellation or delay and miscellaneous flight requirements).

Should you need further assistance, go to or call 416-633-4722.

Toronto, ON, Canada