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Do you feel uncomfortable while walking?
Is there inflammation and redness near any of your 4 small toes? Do your toes bend inwards? Chances are you have hammertoe.
Wondering how you can fix it?
While you can manage it on your own if the condition is in its early stage, if you suspect your hammertoe is becoming progressively worse, it is essential to refer to a podiatrist immediately. Because the more you wait, the more the condition can get worse.
The podiatrists at Advance Foot and Ankle Solutions can perform Hammer Toe Surgery correction to help your toe return to its normal function and alignment. The treatment course we choose depends on the intensity of your condition.
Hammertoe Correction at Advance Foot and Ankle Solutions
The top physicians and surgeons at Advance Foot and Ankle Solution can help curb the condition using both nonsurgical and surgical procedures, depending on what is required for the particular case and the severity of the hammertoe.


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